Can I take Clients I meet in the Marketplace off of UpCounsel?

No. Any UpCounsel legal professional, who acquires a client through UpCounsel in any way, must transact with that client using the UpCounsel payment system for the initial transaction and all ongoing work, rebooking jobs, and other work that may come up after your first interaction with the client. Removing work related to a client from UpCounsel, which includes using a third party payment provider is grounds for removal from the community.


By transacting over UpCounsel you take advantage of all the back-office benefits we offer, including:

  • Hassle free collections

  • Hassle free invoicing and credit card handling

  • Hassle free 1099 processing

  • Built-in customer service for every UpCounsel client

  • Guaranteed payments up to $5,000 per transaction

  • Next day ACH deposits to your bank account

If a client directly asks to work with you outside of UpCounsel (including wanting to pay via check) please politely inform them of this policy and contact our Customer Success Team at We will help you out!